Baska – a beautiful beach to visit

Baška. otok Krk

Town of Baska on Krk island has over 30 pebble beaches ideal for any type of swimmers, big and small, and are easily accessible by foot or boat. One of the most beautiful and largest beaches is Vela beach, with numerous cafés, restaurants, bars, hotels, apartments to make your beach visit as fun and entertaining as possible. Beach is over 1800 meters long, often occupied by thousands of visitors. It’s ideal for children and non-swimmers. It also has a blue flag, meaning the environment and sea is very clean and safe.

Beside its beaches, Baska is well known for its history. In nearby village of Jurandvor two written stone tablets are found, dating back to year 1100. It’s one of the oldest Croatian written stone monuments, with glagolitic alphabet. A copy of the stone tablet can be seen in the church of St. Lucy, while the originals are preserved in Croatian Academy of Science and Art.

Since Glagolitic alphabet is synonym for Baska, in Baska started the project of Baskan Glagolitic alphabet trail to guide you through stone streets and all beauties of Baska. This is a good way to learn about the history of Baska, the importance of Baska tablet and you’ll get a chance to see 35 stone sculptures with chiseled Glagolitic alphabet symbols.

In Baska do try local delicatessen like prosciutto, lamb, fig cake, baskan crostule, …

If you’re looking for some entertainment at evening or night you’ll find many bars and coffee shops, some of them opened to early morning hours.