Coming to Croatia during Covid-19 pandemic

We wish to welcome all our guests to Krk.

We appeal to all guests to adhere to the basic epidemiological measures that apply to all:

  • Keep distance of at least 1.5 meters
  • Disinfect and wash your hands often
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Be responsible

On Croatian Tourist Board website you can find latest updates and regulations regarding the entry to Croatia:

  • Croatia is open to tourists. The requirements may slightly differ depending on your country of origin.
  • Effective July 1st, all EU/EEA nationals and persons with permanent residence in EU/EEA country can enter Croatia freely, without restrictions.
  • All travelers are, however, advised to fill out the form on the ENTERCROATIA webpage.
  • Third country nationals still have some restrictions in place: they can enter on business or tourism related reasons only.
  • Also, effective July 10th, travelers from England can visit Croatia with no quarantine restrictions on return to England, unless you have travelled through a destination which is not exempt.
  • Croatian citizens can return to the Republic of Croatia without any additional requirements or special measures.


The EnterCroatia online form allows visitors to enter all the necessary information and data prior to traveling to Croatia to ease border crossing upon entry –


Croatian Tourist Board defines regulations for foreign guest entry to Croatia. If a foreign citizen plans to enter Croatia, he or she must fulfill one of the terms:

  • possess documentation proving the ownership of real estate located in the Republic of Croatia or a marine vessel (boat, yacht, etc.) – (may also be the holder of a lease), or is travelling to attend a funeral in the Republic of Croatia (and possesses appropriate documentation proving this). If any of these conditions are met, these foreign citizens are allowed to cross the state border, are registered and the place / address where they will stay or where the property / vessel is located will be recorded, along with the contact phone number and time of stay – including the date they plan to leave the Republic of Croatia.
  • They have documentation proving the invitation by a business registered in the Republic of Croatia, the reason the business requires their visit to the Republic of Croatia, or an invitation to a business meeting. For these passengers crossing the border, it is necessary to enter the place / address where they will stay and the contact phone number and the duration of the stay – including the date they plan to leave the Republic of Croatia.
  • All other foreign citizens who have business, tourist reasons or other economic interests in the Republic of Croatia, and pressing personal reasons, may enter if they provide relevant proof. They are instructed to send their intention to cross the state border (entry into the Republic of Croatia) to and their request will be addressed in the shortest possible timeframe. In addition, an online form in lieu of e-mail and Q&A related to this and the above is available here.


This article contains summed information taken from Croatian Tourist Board website and Ministry of the Interior. Current status of total number of people infected, current cases and more can be found on website.