Vrbnik – pittoresque town above the sea

Klancic - Vrbnik, Krk

When visiting Krk place the town of Vrbnik to your to-do list. It’s a small town, up a hill, almost 50 meters above the sea, where you can experience authentic Krk tradition, walk narrow and crooked island streets, enjoy local gastronomy and authentic domestic wine known as Vrbik Zlahtina.

Vrbnik is also known for the narrowest street in the world, Klancic. It’s only about 40 centimeters wide in its most narrow part (about 16 inches). The rest of the old town also has narrow streets, but Klancic holds the record as the narrowest one. City if full of flowers, mostly oleander and lavender, which you can smell in the entire old town. Few beautiful restaurants and coffee shops offer amazing view of the sea. There you can find local prosciutto and authentic Zlahtina wine, domestic cheese and olive oil.

Some lucky visitors can catch a glimpse of a dolphins swimming and playing in the bay, bringing joy to everyone, especially the youngest.
Vrbnik is only 28 kilometers from Krk bridge. If you choose to go straight from the bridge to Vrbnik you’ll pass by long vineyards of authentic sort of wine, golden yellow in color. Besides of this gastronomy pleasures, Vrbnik and it’s beauty has been sung in songs, traditional and well known.